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Talk Gen AI

June 4th, 2024 @ Swissnex in SF

Talk Gen AI is a half day summit covering the latest trends in generative AI including Gen AI in the enterprise, leveraging Gen AI for healthcare and life sciences, investment trends, unlocking creativity, and personal productivity.

Past Events

Generative AI Demo Night

Feb 27th, 2024 @ Wilson Sonsini in SF

We had a great evening of Generative AI demos featuring applications in customer service, employee productivity, healthcare, HR coaching, gaming, sales automation, website building, database querying. Check out the recap.

Exploring Generative AI in the Enterprise

Dec 12th, 2023 @ Cooley in SF

Our panelists from AWS, Samsung, Okta Ventures, and Cooley LLP discuss the impact of Generative on the enterprise.  Check out the recap.

Generative AI Demo Night with Wilson Sonsini

Nov 14th, 2023 @ Wilson Sonsini in SF

We had an amazing demo night featuring applications of Generative AI in the automotive industry, customer service, e-commerce, education, restaurant ordering, and speech translation. Check out the recap.

Sept 2023 Demo Night

Generative AI Demo Night with

Sept 26th, 2023 @ Microsoft in SF

We had a great line up of Generative AI applications in gaming, coaching and training, presentation design, marketing content, customer service assistants, voice accent softening, and emotional intelligence assessments. Check out the recap.

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Generative AI Demo Night

Aug 15th, 2023 @ Microsoft in SF

We had a great line up of startups building Generative AI for education, employee onboarding, devops, sales, productivity, and creative writing. Check out the recap.