Generative AI Demo Night

September 28, 2023

We hosted a Generative AI Demo night in San Francisco with at Microsoft Reactor

It was a great line up of startups exploring new use cases with Generative AI including in gaming, coaching and training, presentation design, marketing content, customer service assistants, voice accent softening, and emotional intelligence assessments.

The evening started with a demo of Reconify’s analytics and optimization tools for Gen AI, followed by seven startups. 

Learn more about the presenting startups and watch the demos below.



Amotions, presented by Pianpian Xu Guthrie, is a generative AI powered coaching and up-skilling platform. It enables managers and teams to be more effective and improve their people skills. Users can talk to the AI coach about their concerns or challenges. For example, a first time manager may say they are nervous about starting a new job at a new company, and the AI Coach will help provide tips, suggestions, and content to help them, in a personalized,  empathetic, and supportive manner. The platform can be customized for individual enterprises' own training, content, and values. 

Extra Great

Extra Great, presented by Ben Rigby, is a generative AI, web-based, gaming platform. Users can create their own 3D worlds via prompts, and invite people to explore them. One can create the environment including the scene and weather, add objects, creatures, and characters, and then explore and interact with the world. The demo is a must see as Ben created a 3D island scene with moving waves, a pirate ship, a pirate to interact with, and more - all via text prompts. 


MyMap, presented by George Zhang, is a platform for creating presentations and mind maps via generative AI. Users simply chat with the AI assistant about the topic and a powerpoint presentation will be created. Users can also create mind maps and keep drilling into nodes to expand the ideas. The platform supports additional diagrams like UML models and SWOT analysis diagrams too. 


Sayso, presented by Ganna Tymko, is a platform for reducing background noise and softening accents in voice experiences, using generative AI. The real-time, accent-filtering component enables people to hear accents they understand better, and speak comfortably in their own accent and be understood more clearly. It does not remove the accent, but softens it, while preserving the person’s voice and emotions. Key use cases are in customer service call centers, sales calls, and conference calls. As Ganna points out, there is no right or wrong accent, it is just a matter of which one is easiest for you to understand or which one you are most familiar with.


TheWordsmith, presented by Rohan Kulkarni, is a generative AI tool for marketers to create content that is always on brand. Marketers provide background context on the brand and product, including personality, value prop, and target personas. Users can then generate personalized content based on the brand. The tool can be used for creating social media posts, landing page content, and other brand content. 

Unseen Identity

Unseen Identity, presented by Eva Ngai, is a prompt-less, Generative AI communication platform. The platform can detect users’ cognitive competence and soft skill capabilities, via gamified interactions with a screen. With their 30-second screening model, they can identify implicit thoughts and emotions behind interactions and conversations. This data can in turn be used for generating personalized responses based on a user’s unique persona and emotions. One of the use cases is for pre-interview assessments.


VoiceWorx, presented by Sam Eniojukan, is a platform for creating virtual assistants using generative AI and conversational AI. The platform integrates with a wide variety of enterprise data sources including Salesforce and ServiceNow as well as different large language models (LLMs). The platform can be trained on existing enterprise data including corporate knowledge bases and websites. Assistants can be deployed as chatbots, voice assistants, or interactive voice response (IVR) assistants.

Watch the Demos

Stay tuned

Stay tuned for next month’s event to see more Generative AI demos. If you are interested in presenting, please fill out the demo application.