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Actionable Insights for
Generative AI

Analyze and optimize ChatGPT response effectiveness

Analyze Generative AI

  • Gain insights into user prompts and generated responses. 
  • Analyze unstructured inputs and outputs
  • Track usage and costs
Example of responses to prompts

Optimize prompts and models

  • Take action based on insights 
  • Iterate and optimize prompts
  • Fine tune custom models
  • Compare results
Example prompts

Integrate easily

  • Integrate via NPM and PIP modules
  • Send data securely and asynchronously
  • Get up and running in minutes
Example code of integration

What We Do?

Gain deeper insights into generative AI prompts and responses

Take action on data to improve generated AI response effectiveness to increase customer satisfaction

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Usage Metrics

Understand user behaviors and sessions
icon for prompt analysis

Prompt analysis

Analyze system, assistant, and user prompts
icon for response insights

Response insights

Gain insights into generated AI responses and unstructured outputs
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Dive deeper into transcripts to better understand context
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Cost analysis

Track token usage and costs