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Actionable Insights for
Generative AI

Analyze, optimize, and take action on prompts and responses to improve Gen AI applications

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Gain peace of mind

  • Deliver high quality, compliant solutions
  • Optimize prompts and responses
  • Enable guardrails to monitor prompts and responses and take action in real-time
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Understand user behaviors

  • Monitor user interactions and sessions
  • Dive deeper into user flows and transcripts
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Identify common themes and intents

  • Semantic clustering of prompts and responses to identify common inputs and outputs
  • Compare prompts and responses within semantic clusters
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Improve response effectiveness

  • Take action based on insights 
  • Iterate and optimize prompt engineering
  • Fine tune custom models
  • Compare results
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Benchmark and compare models

  • Benchmark responses quality, costs, and latency
  • Test and compare models prior to implementation
  • Experiment and compare models with live data
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Monitor costs and latency

  • Track costs by application and model
  • Track and compare latency
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Integrate easily in minutes

  • Integrate via NPM and PIP modules
  • Send data securely and asynchronously
  • Cross platform
  • Get up and running in minutes
Sample integration code

What We Do?

Gain deeper insights and take action on Generative AI prompts and responses

Take action on data to improve generated AI response effectiveness to increase customer satisfaction. Gain peace of mind delivering, high quality, compliant Generative AI.

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Usage Metrics

Understand user behaviors and sessions
icon for prompt analysis

Prompt analysis

Analyze and cluster system, assistant, and user prompts
icon for response insights

Response insights

Gain insights into generated AI responses and unstructured outputs
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Dive deeper into transcripts to better understand context
icon for costs

Cost analysis

Track token usage and costs
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Experiment with, test, and compare Generative AI models
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Enable guardrails to prevent or take further action on prompts and responses
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