Announcing Gen AI Benchmarking and Experimentation Tools

January 25, 2024

We are excited to launch Reconify Generative AI Benchmarking and Experimentation tools. 

Picking the right Generative AI provider and model for your use case can be a challenge. The quality of responses, costs, and latency are all aspects to keep in mind. 

Now, with Reconify Gen AI Benchmarking and Experimentation tools, you can quickly test and compare different Gen AI providers and models. 


Simply choose the models you want to try, add prompts, and compare the results!

Select a model

You can select models from Ai21, Amazon Bedrock, Anthropic, Cohere, Google Gemini, Mistral, Meta Llama, OpenAI, and more.

Enter prompts

Compare the results

Easily see and compare the quality of responses from different models.

Compare the responses based on the semantic similarity.

You can also compare the costs, latency, and token usage. This is a great way to quickly test and compare across a wide variety of models.

Experiment with real data

The Experimentation tool is also incorporated into our analytics reporting. You can easily test any prompts received, across different models to see how the results compare. 

Curious whether a different version of GPT would work better, or want to try an entirely different provider? Now you can!

Select an Interaction

Choose Models

Select models to test the original interaction. The original input parameters are included and can be edited.

Compare the results

See the demo

Check out the demo video below to see Benchmarking and Experiments in action.

About Reconify

Reconify is a cross-platform, analytics and optimization solution for Generative AI to enable enterprises to analyze, optimize, and take action on prompts, responses, and models to improve response effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.