Generative AI Demo Night

August 17, 2023

We hosted a Generative AI Demo night in San Francisco with at Microsoft Reactor

It was a great line up of interesting startups exploring new use cases with Generative AI including in education, employee onboarding, devops, sales, productivity, and creative writing. We had a full house with folks interested in learning more and sharing with each other.

We kicked off the evening with a quick demo of Reconify analytics followed by six startups. Learn more about the presenting startups and watch the demos below.

demo night
demo night



AvatarX, presented by Phaneendra Gullapalli, is an avatar-based chatbot that uses Generative AI to answer educational questions. It answers students’ questions interactively, in realtime. AvatarX launched initially in Africa and helps with general knowledge questions, math, and even spelling. A key differentiator Phaneendra points out is the realtime interactivity students have, as opposed to just watching educational videos. 

Hermis Embark

HermisEmbark, presented by Madhu Mathihalli, gamifies corporate learning and training through Generative AI. Simply point Embark at existing training content and knowledge bases, and it will use Generative AI to create gamified content like trivia and bingo games that make learning and training more fun. As Madhu points out, it is important to have good training that sticks. 


Keexai, presented by Yi Lin, is a voice-enabled, mobile application using Generative AI for note taking, brainstorming, and general knowledge. The app leverages Whisper and OpenAI to create summaries, schedules, action items, and more - all from your dialogue. Interestingly enough, Yi used ChatGPT to write the code for Keexai. 

OpsVerse Aiden

OpsVerse’s Aiden, presented by Arul Jegadish Francis, is a copilot tool for DevOps that leverages Generative AI. Aiden learns about the environment, what tools are used, and how they are running. Users can ask questions about performance of services, as well as what tools are available and how to use them. 


TaleTime, presented by Kritika Bhargava and Harsha Lingampally, is a personalized story builder for children’s stories. The platform creates stories, complete with relevant, related images, using Generative AI based off of prompts about the child and their interests. The consistency of the image style throughout the story is quite impressive too. 


Zingly, presented by Gaurav Passi and John D’Amour, is a platform to improve the complete customer journey from buying to onboarding to customer service. As Guarav point out, it helps solve “FORO” - “fear of reaching out.” Zingly’s Buddy application is a question and answer assistant that leverages Generative AI to further qualify users based on their interactions. If the AI determines the user matches the ideal customer profile (ICP) based on behavior, it can notify the appropriate rep or agent to action in realtime.   

Watch the Demos

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Stay tuned for next month’s event to see more Generative AI demos. If you are interested in presenting, please fill out the demo application.

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