Generative AI Demo Night

November 16, 2023

Reconify hosted a Generative AI Demo night on November 14th in San Francisco at Wilson Sonsini

The startups presented exciting applications of Generative AI in the automotive industry, education, e-commerce, restaurant ordering, customer service, and speech translations. 

The evening started with a demo of Reconify’s analytics and optimization tools for Gen AI, followed by five startups listed below. 

The meetup was made possible by Wilson Sonsini co-hosting the event. Barath Chari, a Partner in the Technology Transactions Team at Wilson Sonsini, welcomed everyone and shared that Wilson Sonsini has over 1,100 AI clients - including Google, OpenAI, and Anthropic. The team recently published a quarterly update on the AI industry as well. 

Learn more about the presenting startups and watch the demos below.



Chiron, presented by James Booth and Brandon Smith, is an AI-based, math tutoring application. The service helps students gain confidence in solving problems, through one-on-one, active support and teaching. Students can speak freely as they work through solving a math problem and have the AI tutor provide feedback. They can also work out problems on paper and take a photo for the AI tutor to check their work and provide help. As James points out, they are solving a pain point students have when they get stuck and are not sure where to go next - Chiron is there for them. 


Ecomtent presented by Timur Luguev, is a platform that enables ecommerce sellers to create product listings at scale via Generative AI. The platform quickly and easily generates optimized copy, images, and infographics for use on ecommerce marketplaces. As Timur indicates, speed is critical - Ecomtent not only helps save costs over traditional manual processes, but speeds up time to market.  


Humaxa, presented by Carolyn Peer, is a generative AI platform for the automotive industry. The platform conducts research, generates reports, and sends proactive alerts. Customers can use the platform to get answers to questions about tax incentives or government policies as they relate to the auto industry. It is integrated into Microsoft Teams and Slack to help customers get the answers they need easily., presented by Brian Sathianathan, is a low-code platform for building AI applications. Enterprises can build and deploy generative AI applications much faster, through drag-and-drop. They focus on Retail, Banking, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), and Automotive industries. Brian demoed a drive-thru experience for QSRs built on Iterate’s platform that enables customers to order via natural language. He also demoed an agent-assist, email add-on for customer service agents to help in answering emails. The application makes use of generative AI to analyze the email and propose possible answers the agent can use in responding to the customer. Iterate also recently launched their own LLM.   


SpeechLab, presented by Seamus McAteer, is a platform for speech-to-speech translation. The platform enables users to easily, and quickly, dub videos from one language to another - keeping the tone and personality of the original speaker. It also features transcription services. As Seamus points out, their goal is to make the world more accessible by people who speak different languages. The platform also supports voice cloning. The initial focus is on recorded, long-form content, but they are working on enabling real-time translation as well. 

Watch the Demos

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Stay tuned for our next event to see more Generative AI demos. If you are interested in presenting, please fill out the demo application.

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