Announcing Reconify Analytics for Perplexity

February 13, 2024

Reconify now integrates with Perplexity extending actionable insights and optimization tools to even more generative AI providers.

With Reconify, Perplexity customers can analyze, optimize, and take action on Generative AI prompts, responses, and models to improve the customer experience. 

Reconify provides deeper insights into prompts and responses to measure response effectiveness and aid in prompt engineering and model fine tuning. 

Perplexity customers can also more easily compare Generative AI models from other providers on response effectiveness, costs, and latency. 

In addition to actionable insights, Reconify provides tools to take action, including Guardrail Alerts to help ensure compliance of prompts and responses. 

Reconify enables customers to achieve peace of mind delivering high quality, effective, and compliant Generate AI applications and solutions.

Understand user behaviors

Dive deeper into user prompts, interactions, and transcripts 

Identify key themes and actions

Reconify features semantic clustering of prompts to identify common user intents

Improve response effectiveness

Analyze and compare prompts and responses through semantic clustering to improve prompt engineering and fine tuning models

Monitor Model Usage

Track usage across models, compare costs and latency.

Compare Models

Compare Generative AI models on response effectiveness, costs, and latency. Test and experiment before deploying.

Gain peace of mind

With Guardrail alerts, get notifications and take action in real-time. Ensure effective, compliant prompts and responses. 

Get started in minutes

Reconify easily integrates with Perplexity via Node NPM, Python PIP, or REST API

About Reconify

Reconify is a cross-platform, analytics and optimization solution for Generative AI to enable enterprises to analyze, optimize, and take action on prompts, responses, and models to improve response effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.